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Step 4 Promotional Campaigns

There are many reasons why companies engage in a promotional campaign. With a company in crisis comes a public relations campaign to communicate the problem and solution. Since PR campaigns come on the heels of a crisis and are not in the yearly strategic plan where resources have been budgeted, a special campaign, planned or unplanned, is a challenge for any organization to handle. Examples of these campaigns can be a product or service marketing campaign, research and/or political surveys, collecting past due bills and sales types of campaigns. br/>

Toll free numbers for marketing campaigns boost campaign results by adding credibility and makes call tracking easy. Companies enhance their image using toll free numbers. Toll free numbers shows callers that the company is accessible and that the company wants to communicate via phone.

Before cell phones, 800 numbers were used to offset the toll charge for making a long-distance call. While callers are no longer concerned about the charge, marketers still use the 800 numbers to track calls. This is a viable strategy to analyze incoming calls from all your campaigns. While you may think that 800 numbers are old school, studies are showing that 800 numbers are still the best lead generators for campaigns.

Using a specific toll free number for a specific marketing campaign will provide insights to what strategies are most successful and effective. The 800 number tracking strategies will also give you feedback as to what is not working and how to tweak your message. A hosted contact center platform will have tracking tools to track the campaign name, campaign version, keyword used by your customer along with what part of the country they are calling from and day/time details.

A pizza franchise uses different toll free numbers for different ads that it runs. Those ads run from flyers, website, and radio. It also uses unique toll free numbers for each pizza shop. They track what coupon campaign is driving traffic to what location. This helps them adjust the ads, the message and the pricing per each location. All this data is tracked on the contact center platform and later reported for analysis.

Toll free numbers for marketing enhance your sales and marketing power. Companies of all sizes can benefit from toll free number tracking. The pizza franchise has only five shops and they have seen a huge boost in sales.

Smartphones are a way of life. 80% of smartphone owners use their device to shop. Mobile users are mobile shoppers.

70% of mobile searchers will call a business directly from search results. The phone number shows up at the top of the ad and is linked to dial. The ad displays “Call: 212-555-1212” in big bold font and blue numbers. You can’t miss it. The call to action is placed first before the ad message.

The difference in these ads are that the calls are translated into phone calls and not website clicks. This type of ad puts the caller directly on the phone with a real person. Many times, those calls are landing in contact centers.

“Call Only Ads” are a direct line to your business When these calls come into your contact center they are trackable and reportable for later analysis. When the call comes to the agent, a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) pops up to prepare the agents with the details of the Call Only Ad. This is important because the caller is not relying on the website for details. The message in your ad is the reason people are calling so you should be ready to have the right answers; a screen pop with the predetermined answers will do the trick.

When you first launch a marketing campaign no one every really knows how well it will perform. Sure, the forecast gives you some indication but you don’t really know until you hit the start button. Many times, multiple contact centers are managing the same campaign. Employing the same cloud based contact center technology in all the centers managing the campaign will allow you to control the flow of traffic. When one contact center is overwhelmed you can load balance with other sites. It’s a simple task from the dashboard to reroute calls.

From the same manager’s dashboard, you can see and listen to reps and determine why is one site doing so much better than other sites. You can listen to calls live or recorded calls, review real-time analytics and historical reports as well as control the call traffic and toll free numbers. With this control, you will be able to support the other sites with feedback for improvement.

A company was running a campaign and it reduced hold times by automatically rerouting calls on hold to another contact center. This rerouting was completely transparent to the caller while improving connection rates and sales conversions. You have complete harmony when you can manage your campaigns from a single location.

Regardless of the type of campaign, the marketing department wants to know how effective the campaign is. They are looking for concrete ROI to justify the campaign. Being able to measure, report, review and interpret campaign results is paramount to ongoing success. To determine ROI the marketing department will need solid analytics like how many calls came in? What were the results of those calls? What was the average talk time, average amount of sale; what types of objections did the agents receive? Those are just some of the questions the marketing department will be interested in getting answers to. Metrics are a good indicator to determine how successful the campaign efforts are proving to be. The numbers tell the real story but how does the marketing department track phone calls and results?

A good contact center platform will have built in the ability to track every action that happens in the contact center and then that activity can be extracted in the form of a report for later review and interpretation. A hosted cloud based contact center platform should be able to track the total number of calls, what area codes those calls came in from, what the results are from each call by way of customizable dispositions, and track why a sale didn’t occur. Creating customizable dispositions can be reported back in real-time or reported in a historical report to be emailed or FTP later.

It is a balancing act. To ensure campaign success the marketing department is interested in sales information such as sales made, sales lost, cross-selling opportunities while the contact center management team is typically focused on operational variables such as abandon rates, average speed of answer etc. With a customizable reporting engine, both groups can get the data they are interested in without compromising one or the other. It is a joy for a manager to receive a report that displays exactly and only the metrics the manager is interested in looking to review.

Marketing, sales and collection departments all want to know how good is the “list” is. The list gets uploaded into the dialer and then no one knows how many contacts have been made, what numbers are no longer valid, who needs a call back and what the results are of the connections made. A good contact center platform will provide all the reports you need to manage the dialer and your campaign lists.


Track campaign results with customizable dispositions; call count isn’t enough-you want to know the results of every call.
Retarget unconverted calls; these callers tend to be highly engaged, quality prospects and are perfect for retargeting.

Take the Next Step!

Companies run a variety of special campaigns for various reasons; a company crisis, promoting new products and services, and surveying customers to name a few. Toll free numbers are still used to effectively track the success of marketing campaigns and report the results for each campaign. With the explosion of smartphone shoppers comes “Call Only Ads” where shoppers search and click on phone numbers instead of urls. These calls go directly to the contact center where agents are ready to talk about the specific ad. Smartphone searching has surpassed desktop searching and more contact centers will be geared up to take these types of calls. With the use of a hosted contact center platform, screen pops will prepare agents with information specific to each campaign. The caller gets to the exact person who knows why he is calling.

To make good business decisions managers require good relevant data. The hosted cloud based contact center platform tracks every action on the platform and reports it either live or in a report. Businesses may find they need to move traffic in the middle of the day and having the ability to reroute calls that are holding or calls just coming into the ACD can be rerouted easily from the manager’s dashboard.

Special campaigns don’t have to be overwhelming when you have the proper contact center technology and agents to get the job done.

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